• Multicoloured lamps

    coloured fused glass, bent in kilns at high temperatureon mold. These support lamps with base fused glass base and illuminated LED are perfect for your desk or bedside.

  • Tiffany stained glass Glicini

    with rhombus bound in Murano glass grisaille paintings. Transparency and brightness of these stained glass make them ideal for your windows, doors and dividing walls.

  • Fusing with gold

    the crystal tree is cut with the "Waterjet" technique, melting and browning; made for the cover of the book: 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights', FMR edition, dedicated to Nelson Mandela.

  • Frosted glass magnolia

    shatterproof, with fusings applied and handles with gold. Its safety glass, combined with the preciousness of its fusings, makes these glass perfect for doors, windows and dividing walls.

  • Tiffany glass Sacred Art

    realized for funerary monument, with Saint Just colorful glass, the details of Jesus and Mary are painted with grisaille and Tiffany binding, it's welded with tin on mold.

  • Frame workshop Klimt

    it is realized using the three artistic techniques for artistic glass: grisaille paintings, Murano fused glass and Murrine and binding Tiffany glass. Perfect for doors, windows and partitions.


Artevetro designs and manufactures sacred art stained glass windows for churches and monuments. We only use painting in grisaille, lead and Tiffany binding, fusing and engraving. Our artworks are created from original designs by combining artistic creativity and technical experience, obtaining very evocative artworks.


The experience and creativity of Artevetro's artists allow you to create real unique items. Our collaborators are well-known designers and architects. Some important works are embellished with gold and platinum and are exhibited in our art galleries.


Artevetro tries to achieve the right chandelier for any living space. We start from your desire, then study the location and come to the realization. We don't consider the lamp just a lighting fixture, but a creation capables of giving an emotion so to ensure the beauty of the work and the customer satisfaction.


Artevetro, with passion and innovation, proposes to renovate rooms, shops and public places basing your project on our customer's wishes and collaborating with our architects and designers and staff members, Artevetro manages to satisfy all the steps of the creation to the installation, combining the taste and style to the safety and comfort, creating a unique living space, beautiful but safe and comfortable at the same time.


Artevetro creates stained glass windows of great charm, using traditional and innovative techniques: binding, fused glass, engravings, prints, grisaille. Each time we interpretate the taste and desires of customers. Artevetro also makes doors "all glass" tempered or laminated safety and worries of transportation, installation and service.


With the collaboration of architects and designers, Artevetro produces interior staircases, for private and business buildings, advising our customers about the most secure and appropriate staircase to their needs, following him from design to installation and service.


Artevetro develops customized mirrors, shaped, decorated, using the techniques of painting, glass fusing and Tiffany binding. We make some really unique pieces, which take into account the wishes of our customer and the place where to install these beautiful artworks.


Artevetro designs and manufactures custom-made box's shower, customisable as you prefer: shapes, finishes, accessories, or for any artistic elements, sand or fusing applied. In particular we use the technique of the engraved crystal, illuminated with LED creating a beautiful light effect.


Artevetro creates customizable tables with modern design, to live every day in your space, your own home, with personality.

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